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Member Highlight Tony Robinson

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Meet one of our members; Tony Robinson. An employee of Wilson Trucking for a few years, he’s been a member of CrossFit Staunton for three years. In that time Tony has fixed his squat by improving his mobility. He’s lost 40 pounds while becoming more muscular. Oh yea, he was 44 when he joined the community and he feels younger at heart today then he did three years ago.

–Tony, what are your goals?

“Continued improvement in ALL areas of CrossFit to include increasing cardiovascular (chipper/METCON) performance, dialing in the Olympic style lifts to ensure proper technique is applied, increasing my overall knowledge of CrossFit and continue to read the CrossFit Training Guide as I work towards taking my L-1 Certification around the first of the year, and to continue to spread the word of CrossFit and the benefits it continues to provide me, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.”

–Why do you love CFS?

“I could go on and on about this, but I love CFS for so many reasons.  The coaching and workouts are phenomenal!  You basically have a personal coach during each workout who is there to ensure you move properly and to the best of your ability.  The WOD (workout of the day) pushes the athletes to perform their very best and the fact that each workout is so varied is awesome.  You will NEVER get bored or come out of the workout saying “that was easy”.  All movements can be scaled according to any mobility issues that a particular athlete deals with.

The Community at CFS is pretty much my second family.  We “battle” in the trenches together, we push each other, we care about one another, and we’re always there rooting for all of us to finish each workout.  I have never been involved in a fitness environment where you become friends with people so quickly and develop deep and lifelong friendships with an awesome group of people.  I would say 1 month in at CFS that I was already hanging out with some of the athletes away from the box.  We continue to do things together as a group or a few of us at a time.  CFS has brought me together with coaches and athletes who I call family, not just friends.  Nothing like crushing a WOD and then pounding a beer afterwards with a fellow CFS member.”

Tony in 2014
Tony in 2014

–What’s your favorite move to practice?

“The power clean is a movement that involves technique and strength as all of the movements in CrossFit require.  I know at the present moment my form is improving, but I continue to use more raw strength in the movement than I should.  I am dialing in keeping that bar tight to my body during the pull with the shrug and high elbows.  The weight will come…just work on technique first.  Pulls from the box have also helped.  195lbs. is my current PR (personal record), and I hope to see that ‘magical’ 200lb. mark in the near future.”

–What’s your favorite WOD?

“MURPH.  Easiest answer ever.  I am a veteran of the United States Air Force and to pay homage to Navy Lt. Michael Murphy is both a powerful and humbling experience.  The MURPH WOD is:


For time:
1-mile run
100 pull-ups
200 push-ups
300 squats
1-mile run

This pushes me like no other workout.  You can also wear a 20-lb weighted vest during the workout which makes this workout even harder.  I’ve done this workout before, and I am totally gassed when it’s completed.  It’s an awesome experience when my fellow CFS athletes take on MURPH.  America. “

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