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LEGGGGZ HO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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CrossFit Staunton – CrossFit


5 Jumping Sqwats

10 lunges

5 Jumping Sqwats

15 push ups

5 Jumping Sqwats

20 lunges

5 Jumping Sqwats

20 push ups

5 Jumping Sqwats

Run 160m

A: Overhead Squat (1RM)

B: Front Rack Lunge ( 3 SETS of your 6RM)

Find a 6 rep (total, 3 each leg) max, then do two more sets of 6 at that weight… stop wining.

C: Lower Accessory Work (Go, go, go!)

Choose 3 to 5 lifts to train weaknesses in your lower body. Train in this sequence: lower back, glutes, quads/hams, abs. These are suggestions and by no means an exhaustive list. If you know of others that work better for you or would like to try something new, let coach know so we don’t worry about you.

Lower back: reverse hypers, good mornings, rig-banded hands to hips, atlas stone cleans/deadlifts, double kettlebell swings/cleans

Glutes, hams, quads: weighted lunges, bulgarian split squats, romanian/stiff-legged deadlifts, jumping lunges, box jumps, sled dragging, GHD back extensions, reverse hyper

Abs: KB windmills, weighted sit ups, GHD sit ups, ring supported planks, v-ups, t2b, k2e, torture twists, barbell roll outs, hollow rocks, knee tucks