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Cravings holding you back?

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Cravings got you down? Often we try to suppress the cravings in a misguided attempt to save our diets. Instead try to pay attention to “what” you crave. It can be a helpful indicator of some nutrition deficiencies.

Sometimes, our blood sugar is low when we crave sweets. Most of the time, we’re dehydrated and need to drink water. If it is sugar you need, some berries or try to sautee your carrots in coconut oil and a little honey. They’re good options because they have a hypoglycemic load and won’t ruin your metabolism. If it doesn’t satiate you, you’re dehydrated.

Craving salt has a lot to do with your sodium levels. You may be drinking too much water. I know, blasphemy. But, for real. Drinking only water will dilute salt from your blood. This is also a symptom of over training. Add salt to your meals or fruit to your water to introduce some electrolytes back into the blood stream. Otherwise, you’ll crush your clean diet with a binge session of Martin’s BBQ Potato Chips.

Meat cravings can be a number of things. Low protein, iron, B12, to name a few. If you’re increasing the intensity of your training regiments, this is a natural phenomena. Feed your muscles with simple proteins (eggs, fish, unsweetened protein powders) soon after a work out. You may hear someone say “consume within 30 minutes of the end”, but that’s largely malarky; consume something generally soon after. For best results, consume a well balanced meal. You body uses the amino acids, iron and B12 in meat to repair the muscle damage of your work out (also a typical and needed phenomena).

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