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Starting CrossFit — Beginner’s Class!

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Interested in trying the fastest growing fitness program in the world?

CrossFit Staunton designed a fitness program for people interested in testing CrossFit. It’d be nice to know what you’re getting yourself into, wouldn’t it?

What is the Beginner’s Class?
CrossFit Staunton Beginner’s Class consists of 8 small-group sessions that are designed to be informational and instructional for anyone trying CrossFit for the first time. Coaches guide you through exercises with proper mechanics and technique, and get your body primed to join group classes or continue personal training.
The Beginner’s Class covers everything from the fitness programming philosophy, proper exercise modifications, and scaling and regulating individual intensity.
It’s a great way to start your CrossFit journey and to get ramped up for our regular group classes. Because CrossFit Staunton Test Drive is in a small group setting, the coaches have plenty of opportunities to help you work on technique and get to know your unique goals and needs.
After these 8 fundamental sessions, athletes ready, may join Group Classes or stay in Beginner’s Class.