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Mainfloor 6.15.17

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CrossFit Staunton – CrossFit


100 DUBs 2x singles

100 Push Ups

100 Squats

100 Sit Ups

As a class:

5 minutes of stone cleans, presses, deadlifts, squats. Move it for 5 minutes.

400m run

A: Split Jerk (1RM)

Off the rack.

B: Handstand Push-ups (3×10)

Score is unbroken reps within each set. For example, max score is 30 reps.

C: Upper Body Accessory (WORK HARD)

Hit this just as hard as the main lifts for the day. Pick 3-5 exercises to hit your weaknesses. Be sure to hit at least one, maybe two movement(s) that strengthen your mid and upper back, then your shoulders, then your chest/triceps, think about your forearms/grip. This is not an exhaustive list, but one to pull from.

Pull/Chin ups, Bent over/Pendlay Rows, Ring Rows, KB/DB Presses/Rows, J Rows, Face Pulls, Band Pull Aparts, Dips (w/ or w/o weight), Push Ups, HSPUs…